Current Board Members:

President – Anne Iriel

VP President-Elect – Renee Bosco

Advisor/Parliamentarian – Kelly Gowans

AVP Membership – Lil Hayes

AVP Fundraising – Jessica Brim

AVP New Membership – Maureen Renzi

AVP Community Activities/Projects – Lori Williams

AVP Publicity – Vanessa Anderson

Treasurer – Jennifer LoPresti

Secretary – Sherry Ward

Jr. Spirit Representative – Tammy Errigo

National Pledge of Junior Clubwomen

“I pledge my loyalty to the Junior Clubwomen by doing better than ever before the work I have to do; by being prompt, honest, courteous; by living each day, trying to accomplish something, not merely to exist.”

Helen Chaney Kimberly

Our Story

CJWC beginnings

In the fall of 2013, several members of the Chapin Woman’s Club approached several of our founding members to see if there was an interest in starting a Junior Club affiliate of the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs-SC. The ladies of the Chapin Woman’s Club knew there were women in the Chapin community that had a lot to offer, but because of their work schedules, were not able to be a part of their club which met during the day. So word was spread to see if there was an interest and it didn’t take long to realize that we could and would start a club.

Many of us had been friends for years and had worked together in the past through school, sport, and church events. We organized ourselves during the fall of 2013 and held our first official meeting at Mt Horeb Lutheran January 2014. We had 56 members by July 2014! The GFWC state leaders were pretty impressed that we grew so quickly!

That first year we spent a good bit of time working on the constitution/bylaws, operating procedures, and membership protocols .  In November 2014, we held our first fundraiser where we profited $5590; we also began service projects with GoodWorks, We care, and Chapin Community Day of Service.  We worked hard and debated some issues multiple times but had much fun getting to know one another with plenty of ‘chat’ time during board meetings.

Chapin Junior Woman’s Club is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization.