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Please see information below regarding membership.  Please enter your contact information if you would like more information.  Membership forms and a printable version of our membership information can be found below:

Membership: Shall require no sectarian, partisan, or political test for membership. An individual may become a member of the club by paying annual dues, and accepting the duties and responsibilities of membership. Resignations must be submitted in writing to the Membership Board Member. No member may resign in good standing unless her dues are paid.

Dues: Annual dues are $50, which includes the dues payable to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Dues are payable to CJWC in care of the club’s Treasurer on or before June 30 of each year. Members in arrears after the August meeting will be dropped from the membership for nonpayment of dues.

The CJWC membership year begins August 1 and ends June 30. Membership is a one-year commitment and you are responsible for full payment of dues and fees. As soon as your dues are received, you will be added to our Membership and will receive member emails. If you join by October, you will receive the Clubwoman General Federation of Women’s Clubs of South Carolina magazine.  CJWC accepts new members through November each year.

Attendance : To remain in good standing, members must attend 8 of the 11 monthly meetings. Please note that only members in good standing may vote on club matters. If members do not attend 8 of 11 meetings, they CAN make a monetary contribution to the Sunshine Fund to remain in good standing. For members with medical issues/death of immediate family members, attendance will be forgiven for the present calendar year.

Member Meetings: Members meet monthly on the second Tuesday of the month (except in July) at 6:30pm at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church. Some dates may be changed due to holidays and other conflicts. Meetings last approximately 1 hour, but some may last longer if a special event is planned.

Service: The CJWC is a service club and each member should strive to participate in a minimum of 3 activities/events/projects per year. There are many service opportunities available and range from behind the scenes work to community work and volunteering.

Committees: As a member of CJWC, you are expected to actively serve on one of the following committees: social, membership, fundraising,service or publicity. Committees meet during scheduled meeting times to plan and organize activities.

  • The social committee organizes social events for our members to get to know one another. They are also responsible for decorating and setting up for fundraisers.
  • The membership committee organizes and creates the member directory. They keep up to date on member needs, celebrations and oversee member outreach.
  • The fundraising committee is responsible for planning and organizing fundraising events. They are involved in requesting donations and sponsorships.
  • The service committee provides ideas and researches opportunities for service projects in the Chapin community. They coordinate, plan and implement our service projects.
  • The publicity committee coordinates the distribution of news and information of club meetings, events and awards to members and the public.

Information on Being a CJWC Member

Membership Registration Form